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Spiritual Meditation Benefits

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Spiritual Meditation Benefits

So, why meditate? The biggest benefit by far is that when we slow down, unplug from the frenetic energy of the outer world and focus within, we experience God within us, our true Home of Light, love, wellbeing, joy and peace. We discover the Truth of who we really are – Pure Spirit, One with God – when we let go of the past and future and relax into the present moment.

At the root of all suffering, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, is the false belief that we are separate from our Creator and from each other. This belief, and the guilt that it creates, lies within our unconscious mind. We unconsciously project this belief in separation and guilt out into the world, creating our experiences of pain and suffering.

The first step in ending suffering, pain, and guilt is to become aware of our false, unconscious belief that we are separate from God. As a result, our innate desire to know the Truth of our being awakens naturally. This desire turns our attention toward the Truth, Light, God. Consequently, the veils that seem to hide our connection with God / Source automatically lift. In spiritual meditation, as we turn our attention more fully toward the Light that is within us, we awaken from the dream (nightmare) of believing we are separate from God and our brothers and sisters. Then the dream itself takes on the qualities of Light, joy and peace, for the remaining time that we choose to be involved in the dream (physical life).

One of the best ways I know to initiate this process of awakening to the Truth of who we are is to let go into the stillness of deep spiritual meditation.

Even on the body level we are deeply nurtured with spiritual meditation. Our bodies and nervous systems relax and unwind from stress as our thoughts and emotions release and settle. When you practice any form of spiritual meditation on a daily basis, your physical, emotional, and mental health improves dramatically. We can also gain insights into daily problems after a period of letting go of the past and future and opening to the Source of all wisdom within us.


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