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Sacred Symbols On Spirits Freedom and Greatness
Symbol Code: SM000679     Symbol Name: The ring stone symbol   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

The ring stone symbolThe ring stone symbol, so called because it is worn on rings by many believers: The three horizontal lines represent the three basics of Baha’i belief- the world of God, the World of God’s manifestation, and the world of man. The vertical bar represents the connection of these worlds, and the stars flanking the glyph represent the Báb and Bahá’u'lláh, the founders and prophets of the faith.


Symbol Code: SM000680     Symbol Name: Baha’i Symbols   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Baha’i SymbolsThe “symbol of the Greatest Name:” This symbol is a phrase, “Yá Bahá’u'l-Abhá,” or “Glory of Glories,” rendered in traditional Islamic* calligraphy. “Baha,” or glory, is also found in the name of Bahá’u'lláh. It is called the “Greatest Name,” after the expectation in Islam that the most sacred, hundredth name of god, which is known only in paradise.


Symbol Code: SM000681     Symbol Name: Vegvisir (Signpost, runic compass)   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Vegvisir (Signpost, runic compass)The Vegvisir or runic compass is a Viking rune stave, a magical device used to aid in sea navigation. According to a number of legends, this apotropaic (protective) symbol was inscribed on seagoing vessels to insure their safe return. The most common depiction of the rune comes from the 17th century Galdrabók, and Icelandic grimoire.
Today, it is most commonly paired with the aegishjalmer, used as a symbol of spiritual guidance and an emblem of identification by Asatru believers. The most well-known example is worn as a tattoo by the Icelandic pop singer Bjork.


Symbol Code: SM000682     Symbol Name: Church of Spiritual Technology (Scientology)   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Church of Spiritual Technology (Scientology)The logo of the Church of Spiritual Technology, the Scientology-associated non-profit that maintains, archives, and controls the copyrights on materials written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

One of the aims of the CoST is to maintain a long-term archive of important Scientology texts located underground in Trementina, New Mexico. The above emblem is engraved in large scale in the ground over the vault, ostensibly to aid in the location of the vault in the future by returning initiates.


Symbol Code: SM000683     Symbol Name: Maori Amulets (Manaia, Hei Matau, Koru)   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Maori Amulets (Manaia, Hei Matau, Koru)Maori amulets are traditionally carved from whale-bone or nephrite (a jade-like stone), although modern copies in jadeite and cow-bone are common. Some of the more popular motifs are illustrated below:

The images below are popular representations of mythical bird-headed beings from Maori mythology called Manaia. Manaia are spirit guardians and messengers of the gods, and are depicted in many forms, from large wood-carvings to small amulets.


Symbol Code: SM000684     Symbol Name: Greek Labyrinth   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Greek LabyrinthLabyrinths carried into medieval times, where they were often laid on the floors of cathedrals. They were used as a sort of miniature pilgrimage- often, these ‘pilgrims’ traveled the path on their knees while praying continuously. Labyrinths today have seen a kind of revival- they are common today both in churches and Neopagan sanctuaries. (It is estimated that there are now more than fifteen hundred labyrinths in churches in the US alone.)


Symbol Code: SM000685     Symbol Name: Dream Catcher (Dream-net, sacred hoop)   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Dream Catcher (Dream-net, sacred hoop)The folk-charm we know today as the ubiquitous “dreamcatcher” was originally a very small charm, a tiny hoop, usually of willow-wood, filled in with an interlaced webbing of sinew or plant fibers to resemble a spider’s web. The first dreamcatchers were crafted by the Ojibwa people (Chippewa) and were probably derived from or inspired by snowshoe designs.

Most dream catchers were used as protective charms for infants. The “spiderweb” would trap negative spirits that cause disease, nightmares, etc., and protect the child. The negativity caught in the web would be destroyed by the rising sun. According to most sources, the original dreamcatchers were made in honor of Asibikaasi, or Spider-woman, whose magical webs even had the power to trap the sun.


Symbol Code: SM000696     Symbol Name: Dragon and Tiger   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Dragon and TigerThese two great forces of the universe reflect the primordial Yin and Yang of existence. To the Chinese, the tiger is the emblem of dignity, and courage. This, combined with the abundance, luck, and Yang energy of Chinese dragons - it's a luck combination that can't be beat.


Symbol Code: SM000697     Symbol Name: Mermaid Symbolism   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Mermaid Symbolism(Spirit): In legend Mermaids are known for being unpredictable , and tempestuous. In their ocean home, mermaids are never be bound to what is normal or conventional.
Mermaids know the deep and darker parts of the soul. The same way the sea holds unknown mysteries, so do our own psyche's - legend points to mermaids being able to see clear to the core of a human.


Symbol Code: SM000698     Symbol Name: Ba (Ba bird, Ba soul)   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Ba (Ba bird, Ba soul)(Spirit): In Kemetic (Egyptian) tradition, the Ba is the part of the human soul that remains with the body of the deceased. In Egyptian art, the Ba is often depicted as a winged figure, the Ba-bird, an emblem of the ascension of the soul after death.


Symbol Code: SM000699     Symbol Name: Horse Symbol   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Horse Symbol(Spirit): Horse symbol meanings date back to prehistory, and the first civilized, written acknowledgement of the Horse comes in the third millennium BC where historians uncovered slate tablets in Elam (present day Iraq and Iran) which reference this noble, wild beast.
Due to its natural companionship with man in both work and art, the Horse easily wins a special seat in history, ranking high marks of honor, reverence and symbolism.


Symbol Code: SM000700     Symbol Name: Minotaur   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Minotaur(Spirit): The Minotaur was the legendary monster of Cretan mythology, a hybrid man-bull creature, the offspring of Pasiphae, the wife of the King of Minos, and a bull.
The minotaur lived at the center of a great labyrinth. According to legend, Minos demanded tribute from the Athenians in the form of seven pairs of male and female virgins, who were sacrificed to the Minotaur. This practice was ended by the hero Theseus, who, aided by the daughter of Minos, was able to slay the monster.
The minotaur and his labyrinth are generally viewed as symbolic of internal conflict and the struggle with one’s animal nature.


Symbol Code: SM000704     Symbol Name: Monkey Symbol   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Monkey Symbol(Spirit): Monkeys are amazing primates swinging our way with messages of intelligence, intensity, and involvement. Before we go further into symbolic monkey meaning, it might be noteworthy to distinguish some differences between apes and monkeys. In general, monkeys are smaller and typically have tails, where apes usually lacking them. Although both groups share strong social aptitude and strong communities, apes tend to be more social.


Symbol Code: SM000705     Symbol Name: Rooster Symbol   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Rooster Symbol(Spirit): Symbol meanings of the Rooster (cock or cockerel) are as vibrant and diverse as the rooster's plumage.
Rooster symbol meanings are all about fanning out with brilliance, and showing the world your shimmering facets of personality.
Most cultures embrace the Rooster as a solar symbol, and a sign of illumination, with the exception of the Nordic and Celtic cultures. Celtic and Norse lore describe the Rooster as a creature of the Underworld. Specifically, the cock served as a messenger of the Underworld, screeching out warnings in danger, and calling out for the souls of the fallen in battle.


Symbol Code: SM000706     Symbol Name: Elephant Symbol   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Elephant Symbol(Spirit): Symbolic elephant meaning deals primarily with strength, honor, stability and patience, among other attributes.
To the Hindu way of thought, the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects. Ganesha in all his magnificently vibrant elephant glory, is intent on bulldozing obstacles on your behalf (funnily, male elephants are termed "bulls").


Symbol Code: SM000707     Symbol Name: Tiamat (Chaos)   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Tiamat (Chaos)(Spirit): Tiamat (“Sea,” in Akkadian) was the ancient Sumero-Babylonian personification of the primordial salt waters of chaos. With her consort Apsu, the ‘sweet’ water, Tiamat mothered the first generation of the gods.

Tiamat took the form of a gigantic winged dragon, whose body was split in two by the hero Marduk to create the heavens and the firmament: her upper body became the vault of heaven; the lower, the earth; her blood, the oceans.


Symbol Code: SM000708     Symbol Name: Cherubim (Kerubim, Kerubs)   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Cherubim (Kerubim, Kerubs)(Spirit): The Cherubim were originally the ancient protectors of the Mesopotamian Tree of Life. They were often depicted supporting the thrones of deities and kings.They are closely related to (and often identical to) the sphinx.
In the Judeo-Christian tradition, they are the four vast, winged creatures described in the visions of Ezekiel, each winged creature bearing four faces: a lion, a bull, eagle, and human head.
In later Christian tradition, the four Cherubim (tetramorphs) are associated with the four evangelists of the New Testament.


Symbol Code: SM000937     Symbol Name: Tarot Symbols: The Staff   (Category: Spirits Freedom and Greatness )

Tarot Symbols: The Staff(Indwelling Spirit): Alchemy is rife with Tarot symbols, including the staff which represents polarity of sulfur (male) and quicksilver (female) in alchemical iconography. This symbol also infers the union of opposites with the goal harmonization and transformation.
Most importantly, esoteric symbolism holds the staff as a conduit or cosmic connector between heaven and earth. Ideally, the magician holding a rod or staff has a direct link to information of the spirit realms and earth realms as the rod connects the two.



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