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Sacred Symbols On Eternity
Symbol Code: SM000129     Symbol Name: Arevakhach   (Category: Eternity )

ArevakhachArevakhach (literal translation: "Solar Cross") is one of the ancient Armenian symbols of eternity and light. It is often used as decoration on pagan monuments and Armenian cross-stones. Variants with different numbers of petals and directions of rotation are used in Armenia. In 2013 both leftward and rightward rotating symbols were included into Unicode character set standard. Arevakhach is to date in popular use in Armenia.


Symbol Code: SM000130     Symbol Name: The Eternity Knot   (Category: Eternity )

The Eternity KnotThe Eternity Knot - could be any of the celtic knot design patterns that has a closed path. It means that such Celtic knots neither have a beginning, nor an end. George Bain, a Celtic art teacher from Scotland attributed this meaning to the eternity knot.


Symbol Code: SM000131     Symbol Name: Circular Knots   (Category: Eternity )

Circular KnotsCircular Knots - As the name suggests, these knots are in circular shape emphasizing the continuity of life or eternity. Some interpret it as standing for infinite quality of some object or attribute, whereas others consider it as emphasizing the 'endless' quality. It is for this reason that this Celtic knot is very commonly seen in wedding rings or other gifts exchanged between lovers that emphasizes the endless nature of their emotions for each other.


Symbol Code: SM000132     Symbol Name: Ankh + E The ankh   (Category: Eternity )

Ankh + E The ankhAnkh + E The ankh, or Egyptian cross, is an ancient symbol which is believed to symbolize eternal life and to bring protection to the bearer. Elisa requested an Egyptian cross that had to be inseparably bond with the E letter.


Symbol Code: SM000133     Symbol Name: Symbol of Eternity   (Category: Eternity )

Symbol of EternityThe union proposed by cabalists as well as tantric sages: the symbol of eternal conception and re-creation


Symbol Code: SM000134     Symbol Name: Symbol of Eternity   (Category: Eternity )

Symbol of EternityThe lemniscate appears in the elaborate curlicues in Arabic calligraphic renderings of the Name of God; the elegant loops providing a decorative device as well as pointing toward the idea of eternity.


Symbol Code: SM000161     Symbol Name: Halo (Aura, Nimbus)   (Category: Eternity )

Halo (Aura, Nimbus)A Halo in religious art is a symbolic representation of the aura or nimbus of light believed in many cultures to surround a Godly or enlightened person. Halos are used especially in Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, and Hindu religious images to depict holiness. Halos can also be found in ancient Roman and Greek art, which were direct influences on the practice in Christian art.
The practice is more than likely a holdover from the identification of deities with the sun.


Symbol Code: SM000162     Symbol Name: Five Fold   (Category: Eternity )

Five FoldThis pattern also represents balance. The four outer circles symbolize the four elements: earth, fire, water, air. The middle circle unites all the elements with a goal to reach balance between all four elements or energies.


Symbol Code: SM000163     Symbol Name: Crosses   (Category: Eternity )

CrossesRepresent the bridge or the passage between heaven and earth. The circle in the ringed cross signifies infinity and eternal spiritual love.



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