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Sacred Symbols On DREAM
Symbol Code: SM001035     Symbol Name: Ship   (Category: DREAM )

ShipYes, of course ship symbol meanings deal with travel and journey's. However a commonly overlooked factor is the medium upon which they said - water - it deals with the deeper levels of the psyche and the subconscious. When Ships sail across your vision in a reading, take into consideration where your thoughts (psyche) are traveling - what kind of baggage (cargo) are you carrying around, and are you charting (navigating) out the best course for your thoughts and emotions?


Symbol Code: SM001036     Symbol Name: Daisies   (Category: DREAM )

Daisies(DREAMLESS SLEEP): They are so perky, uplifting and happy - it's no wonder the daisy is a sign of the summer solstice. Daisies are also symbolic of the innocence of youth, and they will imbue your summer days with that light, fresh feeling. This clean, bright flower is an icon for love too. Incorporate a fresh bunch of daisies for your next summer party or reunion - it's sure to auger a sense of friendship, laughter and love in your festivities.


Symbol Code: SM001037     Symbol Name: Stained Glass   (Category: DREAM )

Stained Glass(DREAMLESS SLEEP): Stained glass is symbolic of perception and how our vision (mental, phsyical and spiritual) can change according to our perception and beliefs. The art of staining glass reaches back to ancient alchemy when certain compounds (i.e.: antimony windows) were mixed with glass to bring about transformational effects upon the viewer. When you seem to be looking through the stained glass windows of your reading, it's a sign to begin getting honest about your perception of the situation.


Symbol Code: SM001038     Symbol Name: Staff   (Category: DREAM )

Staff(DREAMLESS SLEEP): Here we are recognizing staff's found in the cards that are specifically used for support by the archetypes in the cards. With this parameter in mind, staff symbol meanings deal with support, stability, direction, and single-ness of purpose. The staff is also a symbolic representation of the numeral one, and as such is carries a meaning of new beginnings, first-attempts, and again, single-mindedness in thought as well as deed.


Symbol Code: SM001064     Symbol Name: Dreams and Meditations for Discovering Your Animal Totems   (Category: DREAM )

Dreams and Meditations for
Discovering Your Animal Totems(DREAMLESS SLEEP): Go to sleep or meditate around the same time of day/night each day/night. Your subconscious is a creature of habit. As you settle into a routine, it will be easier to relax, and animal symbol identification will come more smoothly.
Make sure your environment is conducive to relaxation. It's tough to meet our animal totems when we leave the TV on, or if we have piles of laundry nagging us to be put away. Simply put a little order to your sleep/meditation area - it doesn't have to be a big deal. The subconscious loves order, and will be more cooperative if there aren't any distractions or nagging nuisances hanging around in your space.


Symbol Code: SM001065     Symbol Name: Bird Dream   (Category: DREAM )

Bird Dream(DREAMLESS SLEEP): When birds wing their way into our sleeping minds, we are released from earth-bound limitations. Our deeper selves are free to fly where there is no limitation or boundary.
Creatures of the sky speak to us of thoughts, higher ideals, spiritual enhancement, even enlightenment. To wit, primitive cultures factor birds as the closest creature to the heavens, and so they are also messengers of the gods. Also, the element of air is esoterically symbolic of thoughts as well as communication.


Symbol Code: SM001066     Symbol Name: Pineal Gland   (Category: DREAM )

Pineal Gland(DREAMLESS SLEEP): The pineal gland registers our exposure to daylight, and, regulates production of its sleep inducing elixirs according to its findings. Less light means more melatonin. More light means less melatonin. It’s an ancient human thing – less light meant winter was encroaching and although humans didn’t hibernate – more sleep was an ideal way of conserving energy during lean winter months.


Symbol Code: SM001067     Symbol Name: Dream Catcher Mandala   (Category: DREAM )

Dream Catcher Mandala(DREAMLESS SLEEP): Legend has it that a Sioux woman could not put her child to sleep. She went to the old medicine woman who gave her a ring of willows with spider webs laced through the center. The medicine woman explained that the sleepless child suffered from nightmares, and the willow ring would serve to filter the bad dreams out, allowing only good dreams to visit her sleep. As a mandala, the dream catcher has two connotations. One, it allows us to utilize filtering power of our minds. It also brings our attention to the elaborate construction of our lives, and our power to construct and rebuild it as we deem fit. Both of these meanings boil down to the reminder that our thoughts are powerful, and have the ability to make our lives into nightmares or incredible dreams.


Symbol Code: SM001068     Symbol Name: Monday   (Category: DREAM )

Monday(DREAMLESS SLEEP): The Moon Monday is a moon day, and so we are dealing with emotions, moods, intuition and the shadowy side of life. Many people report Monday as the most challenging day of the week. It's no wonder, as the moon carries with it erratic and sometimes unpredictable energy. We can counteract fast fluctuations in lunar energy by taking note of the phase of the moon every Monday. This lets our logical mind know "where we stand" in a metaphorical sense Best tasks for Mondays: Meditation, dream analysis, quiet time, personal indulgence, rest, relaxation, sleep.



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