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Sacred Symbols On Charity
Symbol Code: SM000773     Symbol Name: Camargue Cross (Cross of the Cowherds)   (Category: Charity )

Camargue Cross (Cross of the Cowherds)The Camargue Cross is the emblem of the church of Saints Maries-des-la-mer* in Camargue, in the South of France. This unusual cross is composed of three emblems, an anchor, a cross, and a heart, traditional emblems of the three cardinal virtues of hope, faith, and charity, respectively.
The unusual shape of the upper cross is representative of the trident-shaped tool used by the Gardians, the ubiquitous bull-herders (cowboys) who make up a large part of Camargue’s cultural legacy. The anchor does double duty, symbolizing the fishermen of the region.
*Literally, “Marys of the Sea.” The local tradition is a holdover from twelfth century legends of the voyages of the three Marys of the New Testament- Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary, sister of Lazarus, and Mary Magdalen.


Symbol Code: SM000774     Symbol Name: Miraculous Medal (Marian Monogram)   (Category: Charity )

Miraculous Medal (Marian Monogram)The emblem at right is one of many examples of “Marian Monograms” employed by devotees of the Virgin Mary within the Catholic Church. This particular example appears on the reverse of the “miraculous medal,” based on a design received in a vision of the Virgin by St. Catherine Labouré in 1830. According to the legend, Theresa was directed by Mary to fashion the medal as a symbol of charity.
The intertwined cross and initial “M” are meant to illustrate the scene of Jesus’ crucifixion described in the Gospel of John, and represents Mary at the foot of the cross. The twelve stars depicted represent the twelve tribes of Israel. The two hearts are, respectively, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Symbol Code: SM000794     Symbol Name: Meaning of Number - One   (Category: Charity )

Meaning of Number - One(The Nature of Charity): One primarily deals with strong will, positivity, pure energy. The number One reflects new beginnings, and purity. The symbolic meaning of number One is further clarified when we understand One represents both kinds of action: physical and mental. This combined with Ones urgency for new beginnings, we begin to see Ones recurring in our lives indicates a time to exert our natural forces, take action, and start a new venture. One encourages us our action will be rewarded in kind.


Symbol Code: SM000795     Symbol Name: Meaning of Number - Two   (Category: Charity )

Meaning of Number - Two(The Nature of Charity): The symbolic meaning of number Two is kindness, balance, tact, equalization, and duality. The number Two reflects a quiet power of judgment, and the need for planning. Two beckons us to choose. The spiritual meaning of number Two also deals with exchanges made with others, partnerships (both in harmony and rivalry), and communication. Two urges us out of our indecision, calls us to unite with like-minds, and like-ideals. Two asks us to exert our natural flow of judgment to do what is best for our souls.


Symbol Code: SM000796     Symbol Name: Meaning of Number - Three   (Category: Charity )

Meaning of Number - Three(The Nature of Charity): The spiritual meaning of number Three deals with magic, intuition, fecundity, and advantage. The number Three invokes expression, versatility, and pure joy of creativity. Three is also a time identifier as it represents Past, Present and Future. Consecutive Threes in your life may symbolize the need to express yourself creatively, or consider your present directional path in relation to past events and future goals. Three may also represent promising new adventures, and assurance of cooperation from others whom you may require help. Three typically symbolizes reward and success in most undertakings.


Symbol Code: SM000797     Symbol Name: Meaning of Number - Four   (Category: Charity )

Meaning of Number - Four(The Nature of Charity): The symbolic meaning of number Four deals with stability and invokes the grounded nature of all things. Consider the four seasons, four directions, four elements all these amazingly powerful essences wrapped up in the nice square package of Four. Fours represent solidity, calmness, and home. A recurrence of Four in your life may signify the need to get back to your roots, center yourself, or even "plant" yourself. Fours also indicate a need for persistence and endurance.


Symbol Code: SM000798     Symbol Name: Meaning of Number - Five   (Category: Charity )

Meaning of Number - Five(The Nature of Charity): The spiritual meaning of number Five deals with travel, adventure, and motion. With the highs that come with these attributes, Fives also carry instability and unpredictability, and radical changes. The spiritual meaning of Five draws our attention to the wonder of life, and beckons us to appreciate the perception of chaos all around us. Five has wild vibrations: primitive and erratic. When Five continues to pop up in your life be prepared for some action, like a trip. Remember, trips aren't all necessarily taken physically. Some of the best journey's are taken in the mind and spirit.


Symbol Code: SM000804     Symbol Name: Moon in Scorpio   (Category: Charity )

Moon in Scorpio(Wealth and Charity): You'll find your more emotionally synchronized during the waning moon. This is because you process better in private, where watching eyes cannot see you. You are deeply intuitive and other people's thoughts and feelings reveal themselves to you like curious magic. With all this information coming your way, it's no wonder you need time alone to process everything. Your challenge is to be more forgiving of your natural cycles (you get impatient and angry with yourself - and tend to hide these feelings from others which just exacerbates your tension). You also tend to be guarded, and take great measures to manipulate your environment to match your ideal setting. And you are incredibly idealistic, which is a fabulous balance to your intensity.



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