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Article Title :Start Doing Meditation for Leading Normal Life

Everyone wants to lead a normal life which is neither too dull nor to exaggerated. But unfortunately many of us fail to facilitate such balance in our lives. We must try hard to bring back this much needed equilibrium in our life. Spirituality through meditation is perhaps the best way to achieve it. A person can practice meditation in quite a few ways one of which is deep breathing exercise. Under this the learner is suppose to concentrate on his or her breath while sitting in a comfortable position with his eyes closed.

You can easily concentrate on the cool air entering your body through nostrils and passing through your throat at the time of inhaling oxygen. Similarly, you can focus on the warm air leaving your body through the same path at the time of exhaling. By repeating it for sometime one can learn meditation with some effort and patience.

However, if you lack in patience and want to remain active with your eyes opened while doing meditation, active meditation is meant for you. It is very different from deep breathing exercise. It was introduced by Osho and it involves a lot of dynamism in the form of clapping, laughing, dancing and even crying.

Author: Rajneesh (Osho)

Reference: http://www.spiritualnow.com


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